Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


More catching up!

Saturday: 16 miles with 12 at MP. Nailed the MP miles (9:09) with 2 to warm up at 10:15 and 2 to cool down at 10:04. It was great weather and I was cold when I started, which is always nice! 48 for the week & 100 for the month.

Monday: 8 very very hot miles after the kids were in bed. I think there were more bugs out last night than any two nights so far this year.

Tuesday: 8 miles of VO2 max stuff. Dang that was hard--not really a confidence-building run. 2 miles to warm up, then 5x800-meter repeats at 5k pace (7:30). Then 2.5 miles to cool down, but I got really bored so I threw in some more 7:30 stuff. I did this one on the TM because I honestly did not think I could make myself hold those paces outside today--it is HOT out there!!!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Playing catchup:

Drove to Michigan Saturday morning and spent the day at the beach. Ran 4 easy late late once the kids were in bed. 52 for the week.

Monday: doubled and ran 9 in the afternoon, then 3 easy that evening. (Neil wasn't there so it was harder fitting in runs with all the kids at my parents' house.)

Tuesday: 8 in the morning

Wednesday: drove home and ran 6 once the kids were in bed. Threw up about 4 miles in, which I attribute to insane lack of sleep thanks to Matthew totally hating anywhere that isn't his crib (I spent most of the nights rocking was long.)

Friday, August 4, 2017


First 20 out of the way! Actually a really nice night to run--it was about 60 when I started at 6 pm. Ran the first 12 by myself, then met up with a friend for the next 5.3, then headed home. My friend had originally told me she would only run about 4.5, so I had some extra mileage, and when I hit 20, I was very very happy to walk the remaining half-mile home! Probably a good thing for my legs, which are so dang sore--driving to Michigan tomorrow is not going to be fun. 10:27 average pace--I was shooting for 10:30, so pretty close!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Today was supposed to be a lactate-threshold run with 10 miles total and 6 at HMP, but because I'm modifying this week's training schedule, I wasn't coming off a rest day like the plan dictated. And I was tired, and it was hot out there. So I ran 2 warm-up miles (10:20, 10:16), and then just tried to pick up the pace to what felt comfortably hard. Ended up with those 6 miles at 9:26, 9:04, 9:04, 9:05, 9:06, and 8:49 (had to at least try to get closer to HMP on the last one!) Then ran 9:56 and 10:14 to cool down and did about 20 minutes of yoga once I got home. All in all a good run but I'm really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow before I gut out 20 on Friday night. Yikes...

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


5.4 easy on the TM. My legs are feeling really beat up from all the hills lately.