Friday, October 20, 2017


Started a semi-normalish running pattern again this week, although I'm still taking it pretty easy to baby that stiff fracture site.

Monday: 5
Tuesday: 6
Wednesday: 5
Thursday: 2.2 (walking for rest day)
Friday: 5.1

Planning to do a 15k trail race tomorrow with a friend--it should be gorgeous weather!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Oh gosh, I'm so behind again! Finished all my runs for taper and ran the marathon; it's just hard keeping up this log concurrently with the move!

So Chicago was not as good as I was hoping--a week before the race we started getting emails about the conditions. It ended up being very humid and in the 60s at the start and 80 at the finish...just not a great day at all for a marathon!

My legs were aching the day before, thanks to the combo of driving the Subaru up to Chicago (it always hurts my leg SO bad; something about the angle of the pedal just kills the leg I fractured two years ago) and walking around the day before, even though I really tried to limit the walking time. I went to bed pretty early and got a solid 6-7 hours before I woke up at 4:30 to get ready and head downtown. I got a ride from my sister's apartment in Lincoln Park in to downtown with a friend who was coming in from the suburbs, and then met up with another friend at her hotel. The race started at 7:30, and it was already warm enough by then that I was comfortable in a tank top and shorts...not a good sign!

My legs were aching in the first mile, and in past marathons I've just loved the whole experience for the first 15-16. I was literally checking my watch a quarter-mile in and already feeling like I didn't want to run that day. Just totally not feeling it one bit! The cardio felt fine and I wasn't tired, but I just was not there mentally and my legs were telling me that this was a stupid idea.
Then my feet started going numb and were COMPLETELY numb by 4 miles. Then they started hurting like crazy. Just crazy pain and I've never had anything like that (these were new shoes I'd worn on my last few long runs and I didn't really love them, but they were the best of the new shoes I had--in hindsight I just wish I'd gone with an older pair even if it had less cushioning). When I took my shoes off at the end of the race I had 3 blue toenails, multiple blisters, and some bloody blisters--and I usually NEVER blister ever ever. Anyway. My Garmin also had a hard time with the buildings/bridges, which I'd expected, but one thing I had not anticipated was how much that would drain the battery...more on that later.
I ran the first half in 1:59:17, so bang on target. Then my Garmin started going haywire--I was using the pacing function, and it told me that mile 14 was 8:16. Then mile 15 was 7:36. Not good! I was trying to just run by feel and keep the same pace I'd had earlier, but I was also hot enough that instead of running through the water stops, I was walking for about 10-20 seconds while I drank one cup and poured 1-2 more over my head. So that made it hard to keep the pace consistent. At the 25k, my pace had slowed to 9:26/mile, thanks to the fact that I had no idea what I was running and my watch had just told me I was at 7:36/mile. So so frustrating. By this point, my feet were also incredibly painful and I was scrunching my toes up and down at every water stop to try to get the circulation going again--it would help for about a quarter-mile and then the pain started up again.
Around mile 18 my watch died completely. I've had this happen a time or two on a run, but to have it happen during a race was incredibly demoralizing. I had no idea on pace anymore and I had no idea how far I was on mileage, which was also really emotionally difficult. I did the mental math for awhile on my splits at every mile marker, but around mile 20-21 I decided that since I had already missed the mark for a 4-hr marathon I honestly did not care that much about the difference between a 4:03 marathon and a 4-whatever, as long as I beat my previous PR of 4:17. At this point I was just so hot that I was more worried about being able to finish safely; I was both shivering and covered with goosebumps while also sweating profusely, and I knew from experience that once I hit the shivery-goosebump stage I am close to blacking out. So finishing on my own rather than getting loaded onto a stretcher became top priority! I started walking longer at the water stops and drinking both Gatorade and water, in addition to pouring water over myself--I was walking between 60-90 seconds at the water stops to make sure I was getting as much fluid as possible. I'd been eating Honey Stingers every 2 miles and kept that up with Gatorade and water at every water stop (I skipped the one in the last mile, but other than that I stopped for every one between 18 and 25). I didn't walk other than the water stops which was so dang hard--tons of people were walking and I just really really really wanted to join them, but I knew I would feel better about the race later if I didn't. At some point in here we passed the 24-mile marker and for some reason I was convinced it was going to be the 25-mile marker and I had one of those horrible despairing mental breakdowns that you only get in the late stage of a race like this--I'd been telling myself I only had 1.2 to go and to realize it was 2.2 was basically the end of the world. But I kept going.
Overall, the last 10k was absolute hell. I was so miserable and in so much pain and it was so dang hot!! (At some point my music also died but it was so miserable that I don't even remember when it was.) When we got to the last 800 meters and I saw that it was the uphill over the Roosevelt bridge to the museum campus I just felt so despairing--I didn't walk, but the pathetic little shuffle I did was probably barely faster than walking! I literally could not pick up my pace one bit on the last 100 meters of downhill to the finish...I seriously gave it everything I had to keep going on that last 10k.
In hindsight, I'm not sure I would have run anything differently. I had a terrible positive split on the second half of the race, but I really do feel like I was trained for the pace I was running and it was a function of the weather and that stupid watch dying. Overall, I'm glad I was able to finish with a 5-minute PR; slowing down & taking the extra time at the water stops was very difficult emotionally, but I don't know that I would have been able to finish if I'd stuck to my original pace goal.
The Chicago environment and crowds were awesome, but I probably won't run this again. It was a great big city bucket-list race, but I think I will stick to marathons that are later in the fall just to avoid potential warm temperatures--I really do so much better with those 55-degree days!! And I'm not running another marathon with that watch or those shoes.
Post-race recovery isn't going as well as I'd like; that old fracture site has really been bothering me. I ran/walked 1 mile yesterday to warm up and then did 2 easy miles and it hurt SO BAD later, so today I just walked a 5k. We'll see how it does later...I think having to drive back home the evening of the marathon did not help one bit.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Last week--9 Tuesday, rest Wed, 9.1 on Thursday (supposed to be longer but the fog was so bad I had to wait to run until there was some visibility, so ran out of time). Thursday afternoon I fell off a ladder and had such bad swelling afterwards that I couldn't run until it went down, which means I missed an easy 4 and my last 20.

Ran 6 today--foot still pretty sore and the bruising was painful to run on my other leg, but the swelling that prevented running last weekend was mostly down.

Monday, September 11, 2017


8 Monday, 7 speedwork Tuesday, 6.4 easy Wed, rest Thurs (looked at houses all day), 14 late Friday, nothing Saturday--looked at houses again and then worked nonstop getting ours ready to list for sale until 1 am. 35.61 for cutback week--my lowest in SO long and my first skipped run in recent memory! Life happens.

Today: put an offer in on a house & did 7 easy.

Saturday, September 2, 2017


18 miles with 14 at MP. This is the hardest run of my training cycle, so I thought I would make it extra fun and run the hilliest route I could possibly route around my town. Yay! 2 warmup miles at 10:09, 14 miles at 9:05, and 2 cooldown miles at 9:39. I was shooting for 9:09 for those MP miles so I'm pretty darn happy. :-) Amazing weather--it's just making me worry about a hot day in Chicago totally throwing me off!

SRD yesterday; mowed the lawn and walked a couple of miles with my kids. 51 for the week.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

8/31: 11 today--ran out of time to make it to the planned 12 but a heck of a lot better than nothing. 9:49/mile since I felt less sick if I ran faster.

8/30: 6 for me--first 3 were easy and then I started to get nervous about getting back in time and ran the second half too fast. Felt truly terrible during the whole run--I legit thought I was going to be throwing up in the bushes at some point. 

8/29: 2 warmup at 10:15, 5x1000 at 5k pace with 800 meter recoveries, mile to cool down before baby woke up (just like last week, should've been 2 cooldown miles!). 8 total on the TM (DH out of town so no chance to get outside) and I am DRIPPING.

8/28: Drizzly 8 for me this morning--ran one kid out to the middle-school bus and got back in time to walk the elementary kids out to their bus. Not bad timing.

232 for August, 1282.2 for the year

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Pretty miserable 10 today--the only time I could go outside was 6 am and when I got up it was to a raging I went back to bed. Ended up on the TM--2 miles warmup, then 7 miles of 3 minutes at 8:48 and 2 minutes at 10, then a mile to cool down (should've been two, but baby Meb woke up when I started the cool down and he was not going to let me get that second mile!). Figured a mile wasn't going to matter much in the grand scheme of things, and tbh, I felt pretty crappy the whole run--couldn't find my inhaler and I was coughing so bad!! Plus I hate hate hate trying to do speedy long stuff on the TM. Average pace was 9/mile and it felt much harder than it would have outside.